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  • Our products are created using only the highest quality cannabis
  • All products are 100% natural and do not contain chemicals
  • All products are thoroughly tested and comply with European Union regulations

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What is a CBD and why is it so popular!

CBD, abbreviated cannabidiol, is a trendy ingredient in the natural products industry and is the focus of a new area of cannabis research. CBD is one of the most exciting and promising compounds currently being studied by the medical and scientific communities. The THC content of the cannabis plant used for medicinal purposes is extremely low and has no psychoactive effect, but it also has a very high content of CBD, which is why it is used for medicinal purposes. Some people take CBD because they need support in fighting a variety of symptoms, while others want to improve their overall well-being. To understand the benefits of cannabis, you need to understand what it does to your body.

  • Helps to relax
    CBD has a calming effect and helps to relax.
  • May help with insomnia
    Studies have found that CBD can prolong sleep and improve its quality.
  • Relieves pain
    Throughout history, cannabis has been used for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Raises mood
    CBD can give better mental and emotional well-being and increase general well-being.

Delivery methods

The ordered products are delivered using omniva or smartPOST parcel machines, and it is also possible to order home by courier. The ordered products will arrive within 1-3 days within Estonia (except on Sundays and public holidays).


Methods of payment

In our e-shop you can pay for the products via a bank link or a credit card. After receiving the payment, we will place your order. All prices in the e-shop are in euros.